P&G Prestige contacted our company to reside with Lacoste to design, create and fabricate mobile game applications, interactive displays, and photo booths, to brand and market Lacoste’s products featured in point of sale marketing campaigns.

Lacoste Challenge Tennis Tutor App

The game application was aimed to provide clients with the sensation of the initial intent of the fragrance, an energetic fragrance for men that inspires clients to seek challenges. This same concept was utilized one year later, in 2011, promoting another fragrance as a mobile application called the Lacoste Challenge RE/FRESH Tennis Tutor. With the inspiration from the refreshing crisp aroma, Zerofractal™ created a sleeker, more modern appearance for the mobile application.

Lacoste Essential Sports Kite Surfing App

The game application was made to reflect the citrus and tropical aromas of the Lacoste Essential fragrance. Being that the game is displayed in an ocean setting, the client has the opportunity to experience a virtual depiction of a tropical scenery.

Photo Booths

Our company also created and built photo booths for point of sale marketing campaigns. Each photo booth we designed, fabricated, and assembled onsite, were exclusively handmade for three different Lacoste fragrances, Joy of Pink, Eau De Lacoste, and L.12.12. Taking branding into consideration, our team designed a photo booth that incorporated horizontal shelves built into the photo booth itself, displaying the specific seasonal fragrance collection in a uniform line. Apart from designing and building the photo booth, we also provided the camera combined with the newest image processing technology.


The Lacoste Challenge display was designed to replicate the appearance and structure of a tennis ball. The marketing technique involved customers immersing themselves in a tennis ball.
The Lacoste Challenge RE/FRESH display followed a similar structure to the Lacoste Challenge, however, the display included the Lacoste Challenge RE/FRESH Tennis Tutor mobile application attached to a vertical tennis racket structure where customers have ability to.


Lacoste stood out from other marketing campaigns by commissioning our company to create attention seeking interactive mobile game applications and displays. These mobile apps and displays received positive customer feedback and ranked the highest in fragrance sales in 2010.