Our team is proud to have worked with Hugo Boss during the making of the Future Trends and Brand Innovation Conference located at the Pérez Art Museum located in Miami, Florida, on April 5th of 2017. We were responsible for creating and designing key visuals, projections, step and repeats banners, along with managing the construction, fabrication, software, and technology for the event.

Software & Technology

Our team was responsible for managing any backend software components during the conference discussion with Zac Efron and other influencers along with creating and designing a customized Hugo Boss virtual reality game that promoted the Hugo Iced fragrance.

Creative Design

With the client’s idea in mind, our responsibility was to gather the client’s concept and bring their idea to life through a series of renders and concepts. With a few brainstorming sessions, our innovative team of graphic designers created a proposal that fulfilled what the client envisioned. Once the creative design was completed, our team also coordinated the event floor plan along with supplying furniture and other event necessities.

Event Fabrication

Our elite group of dedicated workers assembled and disassembled various event assets including the stage, where the interview took place, along with the Hugo Iced Stories VR room.


The overall event had a great impact on all audiences and influencers that attended the event. With over 400,000,000 total impressions, over 33,000,000 people reached, and over 400,000 views on live videos from different social media outlets, the event was a total success.