Celebrating Walt Disney’s 55th animated feature, Fusion released a behind the scenes documentary called “Imagining Zootopia” which set to air April 5th, 2016. This film shows the evolution and production behind the graphics captured in Disney’s latest animated hit, Zootopia. With this in mind, our company was responsible for creating a DVD cover and a matching DVD that referenced cell animation, the oldest style of animation to existing. By incorporating the logo Fusion created and the original images from the creators of “Imaging Zootopia,” our design team put together an interactive DVD case to honor the making of the documentary.

Design & Packaging 

The motive behind the idea of the “Imaging Zootopia” custom DVD case was to simply send a gift to Fusion TV New York executives and show the appreciation and the handwork that came from producing this documentary. The design of the DVD case consisted of various illustrations showing a frame-by-frame animation, provided by the creators of Zootopia, along with an interactive spin wheel feature. The spin wheel feature, located on the cover of the DVD case, represented the 24 frames it took to animate Nick Wilde’s face, the charming con artist fox in Zootopia.


From black and white sketches to vibrant colored animations, it’s an experience for anyone to appreciate. With our premier technology on hand, we printed over 100 DVD’s, each one carefully packaged and delivered in pristine condition, to commemorate the time and perseverance it took to create “Imagining Zootopia.”