From rebranding to creating websites, Identidad Telecom has trusted us to deliver quality end results that best represent their company and what they stand for. By working together, our team of designers, writers, and programmers, have successfully created websites, branding packages, business cards, stationary, and videos, that stay true to Identidad Telecom’s company identity.


Being that Identidad Telecom has been in the telecommunication industry for over 14 years, a new look was something that seemed promising and innovative to the team. By working together, we were able to open new doors and bring new ideas to the table. With a few challenges here and there, we decided on the right choice for Identidad Telecom. Colors like yellow, gray, and white best suited the company’s identity along with the use of minimalistic designs. Using the website theme as our inspiration, we channeled that same design onto additional banners, flyers, business cards, and any other projects that we created.



Along with creating flyers and business cards, our team additionally manages the design and printing process of all event related material. From roll-up banners to lanyards, our mission is to create eye-catching designs that attract not only Identidad Telecom, but the attendants present at the event. Other responsibilities include quality printed material, retractable banner equipment, and protected packaging to secure any items that are shipped to the event.


Identidad Telecom continues to be one of our clients in which we are constantly creating upcoming content for. As of now, our company recently created and designed another website for one of their most recent products. With the same idea in mind, our team will continue to stay true to Identidad Telecom’s vision by remaining loyal to their company’s identity and what they stand for.