We worked with Planet Ife who commissioned the work for us. Our team took on the role of creating a “Duty Free a Bordo” storyboard and an “Airbus a330 Showcase” instructional airline video for Avianca, a Colombian airline. The idea behind this project was to introduce a new design to the table that incorporated animation and a video that focused on a new look and feel for the interior design of the airline.


When it comes to creating a storyboard, our team of graphic designers began by brainstorming a few ideas to truly best fit the client’s vision. Once the final sketch was complete, the designers began bringing their illustrations to life digitally. Taking the client’s guidelines and feedback into consideration, the “Duty Free a Bordo” storyboard was finally complete and produced into a short video animation that delivered the message that the client hoped for.

Instructional Video

The Avianca “Airbus a330 Showcase” instructional video highlights the new re-design of the plane along with introducing the new technological gadgets that passengers are able to use. Viewers are able to see different functionalities within the airline, new features added to the tv monitors and handheld devices, along with their proper compartments.


Keeping the client’s vision in mind, our team was able to produce a successful video that satisfied the client’s needs. The final result of the “Airbus a330 Showcase” Avianca video is featured below.