Our team designed and developed two interactive digital flipbooks for Ilumno. The mission of these flipbooks was to create a design that fully captured the branding of Ilumno along with a customized video that was included inside highlighting the company’s assets. Both flipbooks were also created in Spanish and Portuguese.

Flipbook Video

The video integrated within the flipbook was fully designed by our creative team. We were responsible for coming up with a captivating storyboard along with editing and programming the video to fit the correct format of the flipbook. With the right imagery and inspiring song choice, the video achieved the client’s vison. 

Digital Brochure

Staying true to the company’s branding guidelines, we made sure to captivate the message the client set out to deliver by telling a story that engaged any customer in an innovative digital way. This flipbook presents clients the opportunity to view Ilumno with a different perspective by viewing an informative, yet creative video. With over 100 copies made, our designers were held responsible for not only creating the flipbooks but managing logistics as well.