Apple commissioned our company  to fabricate an iPad Air 2 stand which contained customizable technological hardware to provide Brazilian Apple consumers support in the absence of a physical Genius Bar.

Not only does the iPad stand provide support remote access to stores in Brazil without a Genius Bar, but it is designed to reflect Apple’s infamous minimal appearance with sleek and modern characteristics. The technological features are composed of a custom circuit, which our team fabricated, that allows the user to switch from headphone to speaker mode with the push of a button, and also provides the user the ability to control the volume.


The vertical integration business model, created by us, was applied to this project incorporating four core units: design, logistic, fabrication, and software. The purpose of this technology was to provide the client and the employee with a customizable headphone-to-speaker option to interact with a Genius Bar staff member within the webcam feature displayed on the iPad. The headphone to speaker component plays an important role due to the fact it allows the Apple client to acquire the same experience of the physical tech support station located inside Apple retail stores worldwide.

With this feature, customers have the ability to receive feedback and commentary from more than one staff member and control the volume settings to obtain a faster and satisfying experience. Clients also have the option to speak one-on-one with a Genius Bar employee by using specially made headphones to experience exceptional customer service.


Being that the iPad Air 2 support stand is a pilot fabrication, Apple stores in Brazil are currently studying the success rate and customer commentary towards the performance of this product. Up to this point, positive results have been recorded from Brazilian Apple consumers by introducing them with a virtual, but realistic, approach to the Genius Bar.