For over 200 years Citi has made an impact on clients unlocking numerous opportunities worldwide. Working with Citi for over 5 years, we have delivered nothing but quality products that best represent the leadership Citi is known for. Our team has designed and created brochures, invitations, ads, presentations, infographics and campaigns for international events and for marketing purposes.


When it comes to creating and designing Citi brochures, our team targets the main message through implementing infographics, introducing the company, and providing additional content pertaining to statistical data or related articles focusing on Citi’s achievements. Our designers are able to achieve innovative designs and printing quality projects that exceed our client’s expectations.


Creating a campaign involves a good brainstorming session and lots of creativity. Our company takes over the creativity portion within a campaign. By understanding the message Citi is set out to deliver, our team of talented designers takes into consideration that being original matters. With an eye-catching design and a bold statement, Citi’s campaigns achieve great interest in the public eye.


Being a multi-lingual company, Citi has trusted us to create ads in Spanish for clients in Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, Colombia, and Peru. Our company is responsible for graphics and content placement. Much like campaigns, ads contain bold statements that grasp one’s attention. With this in mind, our designers use each statement as inspiration to design an ad that conveys the main message while reaching a global audience.


Always listening to our clients, our team understands the importance of creating a design that meets expectations. Paying close attention to detail, we have delivered over 50 projects,in Spanish and English, that set out to deliver the message of enabling growth and progress, which is what Citi is best known for.