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The expansion of innovative technology and memorable marketing is constantly on the rise and continue to evolve. Here are the top 5 technology marketing trends that are blowing up...
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Interactive User Experience

Facebook’s 360 video experience where users can simply watch a video but move the camera around simultaneously. Zuckerberg states, “This opens new ways of sharing experiences and makes you feel like you’re part of what you’re watching. It’s a step towards even more immersive experiences.”

Along with Facebook, Youtube and Twitter have also introduced 360 videos to support their platform. Perhaps Instagram, Snapchat, or even will introduce 360-degree videos to further enhance the experience of the apps themselves.

New Perspective on Communication 

Instagram introduced Instagram Stories where their audience can share videos with filters, much like Snapchat. Facebook decided to jump on the bandwagon as well and created a new camera where Facebook users can choose from animated filters and other effects that instantly share on their Newsfeed. Other social media platforms like Twitter or Youtube might also take inspiration and create a new perspective on communication.

The Future of Augmented Reality 

If there was one viral game that took augmented reality to whole new level, well, of course, it would have to go to Pokémon Go. Taking inspiration from this viral game, many companies started to create AR experiences for users worldwide. However, AR can also be useful for many other occasions to increase consumer experiences. Retail stores like American Apparel introduced costumers with an app that allowed them to discover what color of clothing best suits their appearance. Converse also created a similar app where customers could try on different shoes and choose between one style or the other. With many other examples that have hit stores worldwide, perhaps within a year or two from now, dressing rooms will vanish and everyone could try on accessories and clothing virtually. Wait! Maybe is happening right now…

VR is Taking Over 

Just Googling “games in virtual reality” you can already see how VR is the new face of gaming. Virtual reality is simply a computer-generated simulation of 3D imagery. Over this past year, Samsung Gear VR has already released over 40 games that are all VR-friendly. By 2017, and technology constantly progressing, big name video games could possibly be available in VR form. However VR is not just for gaming, users could also immerse themselves in action-packed movies, exercise virtually down a mountain, skydive or ride a roller coaster, explore the world, swap bodies, and many other surprising features. Companies like NASA are already exploring the possibilities with virtual reality. As of December 2015, NASA created Mars 20130 where users have the opportunity to experience life on Mars and it was also used in astronaut training. Just let that sink in.

Autonomous Generation 

When we think about the future we usually think of flying cars, actual hover boards or transparent OLED screens, well we are not quite there yet but Google and UBER are reaching milestones with their autonomous cars. Autonomous in Layman’s terms is “ acting independently or having the freedom to do so.” With technology constantly advancing, it is expected that most cars will be self-driving cars. Being that this is still fairly new, safety does come into play quite often, however, it is surely increasing the recognition of UBER and Google being that they are experimenting with the future already. Other companies like Lyft or even simple take-out are stepping into the doors of driverless vehicles in the future.