With over 83 million subscribers worldwide, Netflix, America’s multinational entertainment company, has trusted us to deliver quality projects and products to best fit the iconic Netflix branding. From press kits to new series promos, our company has delivered over 20 projects that best represent Netflix to its entirety.

Marketing Assets

Together, our team of visionaries has created various kinds of projects for Netflix that include infographics, backdrops, e-vites, newsletters, roll-up banners, presentations and much more. When creating any kind of marketing asset, we focus on the creativity and the message Netflix aims to deliver within each project.

Beat Bugs Press Kit 

Our company is proud to have created a press kit for Beat Bugs, an animated Netflix original series that educate children about music. The press kit we created for Beat Bugs captured a-day-in-the-life of what it’s like to be a Beat Bug. Children have the opportunity to engage in playing the harmonica or tambourine, place antennas on their heads, and collect an exclusive Beat Bugs poster to decorate their space with. Our mission was not only to be innovative with the products themselves but the design as well. With our skilled graphic designers at hand, we also recreated different photos of specific scenes within the show to capture the storyline of the characters portrayed in Beat Bugs.

Apparel & Accessories

Netflix swag, also known as Netflix related apparel or accessories, is highly popular among Netflix fans. With various other projects catered to Netflix, our team brings new ideas to the table when it comes to rocking out in Netflix gear. From bathrobes to socks, or even pet clothing, we have the imagination for it. Other accessories include Netflix-themed school supplies, tablet cases, and even jewelry. Netflix swag is mostly designed for events or giveaways. Depending on the event, our team of designers takes the time to produce a product that will make a great impact on audiences worldwide.


With every project, our company continues to deliver excellence within every product we create. From press kits to designing campaigns, Netflix has trusted us with each project for 3 years and continues to do so for future projects.