In a partnership with M4 Agency and their client Michael Kors, has partnered with us to create an augmented reality app for stores located in Mexico. This app contains an AR tracker device, notification system and different watch faces and bands to select from.

AR Experience

The mission of this project is to provide clients with the ultimate AR experience by being able to fully customize their Michael Kors watch of choice. With different watch faces and bands to choose from, along with other interactive features, customers can now experience the power to virtuality personalize their own watch. From a bright red watch face with gold Roman numerals to a crystal embellished watch face with a digital clock screen, the options are unlimited.


Our company was responsible for the technology and software behind the MK Access AR application. The MK Access tracker is a software that is used to calculate and identify images with specific marker positions. The final outcome of each image contains a certain amount of coordinates that describes the placement of the markers. Being said that customers will have the opportunity to place the MK Access tracker on their wrist and position their wrist in front of a camera. The camera will then recognize the tracker and the customization begins! With over 10 choices to choose from, clients will have the experience to create a watch that best represents their style.


With over six years of experience in creating augmented reality software, our team was confident in taking on this challenge. The MK Access tracker provides clients with an innovative virtual experience that will be placed in Michael Kors stores specifically catered to the Latin market.