For over 4 years, CONCACAF has commissioned our company to design and manage the official CONCACAF mobile app, the CONCACAF FREEKICK mobile magazine app, the CONCACAF Champions League app, and the CONCACAF Apple TV application. Working with various applications simultaneously, our team truly focuses on providing CONACAF fans worldwide a user-friendly mobile experience with quality content and interactive features that leave fans wanting more.

Concacaf Official App

The Confederation of North, Central America and Caribbean Association Football (CONCACAF) is the responsible entity for tournaments like the Gold Cup and the Champions League among many others. In need of an innovative mobile solution, CONCACAF resided with our company to create the official Concacaf app that would provide all sports-related information in an organized way featuring all competitions, participating teams, news, videos, in-game statistics and player performance.

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Freekick Magazine App

CONCACAF commissioned our company to design the startup of the FREEKICK mobile magazine application, which was created a year after CONCACAF launched their magazine issue in 2015.

The CONCACAF FREEKICK Magazine app’s objective is to publish sports-related coverage focused on highlighting the rise of “club football” within each region taking place during the quarter. Other competitions are also included within the app providing the user additional informative details in relation to the match. Along with sports coverage, users have the opportunity to browse through interactive professional action-packed photography and view captivating high definition tournament videos. Soccer fans worldwide also have the ability to  read up on CONCACAF’S exclusive news, tournament history and discover what athletes have to say about their passion for soccer.

Our company is now on the third issue since covering the CONCACAF FREEKICK magazine into a mobile application. The greatest attribute dedicated to soccer fans worldwide is the fact that the mobile application gets published quarterly and it is continuously updated with the latest information on each month’s issue.

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Graphic Packages

Our team was responsible for the graphic and broadcast package for multiple Concacaf Events.

SCCL 2020

Copa America Centenario 2016