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With a setup that allows for on-the-fly scalability and a team that is multi-lingual, multi-talented and always multi-tasking, we can handle pretty much anything that’s thrown at us. If a project happens to fall outside of our range of expertise, we’ve got the connections to bring together the people to get the job done.

Need a web app? Done. How about a press kit? Say no more. Want a yellow-and-black Camaro that transforms into a thirty-foot robot? Give us a few weeks.

At Zerofractal we see design and technology as a means to an end, because what we’re really interested in is your message. We’ll sit down with you and determine the best way for you to get your message across. Whether your problem requires an immaterial (software, animation, design) or physical (print, electronics, display) solution, we’ll make it happen.

We’re ruthlessly pursuing effective communication.

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Everyone knows that the era of com.part.mental.ized media is dead.

Every day, the borders between physical and digital media, online and offline content, and “my job” and “his job” are getting blurrier. That’s why at Zerofractal, we bounce ideas off of our developers, designers, architects, 3D artists and Project Managers. Even the cleaning lady gets a chance to put her two cents in.

Whether you can make amazing art with paper and scissors, or you’ve made 3D characters for feature films, we want to connect with you.

Cross-pollination – that’s what it’s about.

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